Black Friday and Black Monday

Many People would like to make money on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, and Black Monday, the monday after Thanksgiving, but are not certain what to sell. Here is a list of some great items to post on eBay to make some great money:

Super Mario Galaxy. This game is going t be extremely hot, and with the limited sales of the Wii in retail stores, the internet sales of the Wii are going to be very high. If Super Mario Galaxy were included in the sale of the Wii, the profits would be great. Super Mario Galaxy is the first Mario player game for the Wii and has had rave reviews so far.

Star Trek Memorabilia. The new movie is on its way, and soon a new generation of Trekkies will be born. Also, the original movies are going to be shown on TV over the holidays and should generate some great traffic on eBay. Star Trek items usually sell for much more than the original purchase price, and one Titanium Powerseller in particular that I work with sells only Star Trek items.

Baby Alive Dolls. (UK and Australia site) The Baby Alive Dolls are going very fast in the UK and Australia site. Though they do well in America also, and should be a great seller over the holidays, the UK and Australia sites will make money, even if you buy them retail at your local Wal-Mart. The new dolls sleep, speak, and laugh as well as the old things they used to do. (eat and poop)

All things Harry Potter. Though the books may be over (supposedly) the items on eBay were hot and then died off. They will return in full force this holiday season. Harry Potter will be a huge seller.