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Will Global Warming Keep Them Shopping Thru Winter

In the summer time, great weather competes with the shopping consumers and hurts retail sales. This year retail sales are being hurt by Chinese Toy recalls, and the credit crunch in real-estate effecting consumer confidence and curtailing rising credit card limits. In the Winter time warm weather near the Holiday Christmas Season gives consumers more time to shop.

If Global Warming is real as per the expert Former Vice President of the United States, Nobel Peace Prize Winner and Inventor of the Internet Al Gore then this will be a warmer Winter and retail stocks will soar to new heights. If he is incorrect on Global Warming then there will be fewer shopping days and therefore retail stocks will plunder down further than the DVD sales of Inconvenient Truth, the academy award winning documentary by Al Gore.

This will be the test to see if Al Gore’s vision for the future flooding of mankind will come to fruition. Will the World flood into a new modern Waterworld, Hollywood movie and allow Al Gore a sequel to Inconvenient Truth? Will the surface of our planet turn into Hell on Earth as predicted with biblical style flooding? Will the flood of retail buyers go to clothing retailers to by shorter skirts, bathing suits and sunglasses to shade the sun?

This Christmas shopping season already looks as if it is dimming, but will Al Gore’s luck continue, is there are Part II to the first movie and will the world flood on schedule and as hoped for by the Nobel Peace Prize winner? Time will tell, if Global Warming is real, with the forth quarter reporting of America’s top retailers. Sincerely, Lance.

Shopping For Christmas Dinner

In the months before Christmas you have to start thinking about how much budget you’ve got to spend on the whole event.

If your food budget is going to be small then you need to plan ahead and pick up an extra item each week prior to doing your Christmas shop. This can result in you having all the extras in and ready before you do the big shop for your Christmas Dinner. Take advantage of special offers too – look for vouchers enticing you to spend money now. If the items in question can be frozen or stored until Christmas then it can be advantageous to buy them using a discount voucher.

Some people use savings stamps at the supermarket as a way of paying for their Christmas. It can work well if you’re not into saving at the bank, and you can often get a couple of free vouchers if you’ve started saving by a particular date. Have a read of the leaflets about the savings stamp scheme and you might find that it’s worth you saving a couple of pounds each week in savings stamps. The brilliant thing is about them, if you get short of cash part way through the year you could always buy your groceries with them!

Use the weeks when you don’t spend much to stock up on groceries that have long off use by dates. It’s a great plan to keep a couple of bags of pasta in the cupboard as it’s a cheap way of having a meal. Always read the dates on items when you’re shopping. This applies to cans on BOGOFs as well as items that are in the fresh or chilled sections.

Look at bulk buying items too. Bigger packs of meat can be split up and frozen separately so you can the food in portion sized amounts. If you find bacon and sausages on offer and freeze the packets whole then unless you always use a full packet at a time, this can result in wastage. If you use 2 rashers of bacon at a time then use greaseproof paper and bags to separate up the items into proper portions.

Buying your vegetables for Christmas as last minute as possible is a good way of getting them in fresh, but you run the risk of them selling out, so plan when you’re going and if you’re going on the last shopping day, go early!

If you’re planning on cooking turkey, ask at the butchers counter if you can order your turkey in advance. Many supermarkets will allow you to place an order for the size of turkey, or turkey crown that you want. This means you’re not forced into buying one that’s way too big at the last minute.