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Planning Ahead For the Biggest Shopping

Planning ahead is always a good idea, especially when you are talking about Black Friday. Black Friday 2009 is expected to be one of the biggest in recent years. As the country is coming out of the recession, more businesses are becoming generous on their discounts. Major stores, whether they are online or not, are going to have plenty of sales that are bound to please everyone. Today it is possible to seek the sales before they come out in the ads on Thanksgiving Day. Before deciding to wait in the long lines at a store, you can see what sales you want to go after and what stores to hit. Several Black Friday-goers wait in the long lines as window shoppers. While there is nothing wrong with that, there is also nothing wrong with standing in line if you know what you want to buy.

Black Friday 2009 ads will be plentiful and places like Walmart, Kmart, Best Buy, Amazon, Apple and more will be having their ads early for people who want to explore that possibility. Get great deals on electronics, clothes, jewelry and much more.

There has never been a better time than now to start if looking for sales. With slightly less than two months before the big day, get excited about the possibilities. Some sales will last for several days while some will only last for a day. Don’t miss out and be prepared.

How Did the Biggest Shopping Day

Internationally on the 14th of February every year, it is known as Valentine’s day to many. It is the day to celebrate couples being together. However for those who are single, it may be saddening as singles do not have any partner to celebrate with.

The history is that in the 90s, students at Nanjing University in China started celebrating 11th November as the single peoples’ version of Valentine’s day. The date Nov 11th was chosen as figuratively, the 4 ones characters signified as 2 single person together. After all, one is the loneliest number – and the Chinese name Gu?nggùn Jié (???) literally means “bare sticks day.”

The day was then commercialized by Chinese eCommerce company, Alibaba, who launched the first Double 11 sale in 2009. The term was trademarked, and only Alibaba can use the official “Double 11” name. In order not to infringe on the copyright, other companies which follow suit, use 11.11 or Singles’ Day.

Singles’ day is the biggest sale in the world! It is much bigger than Black Friday, and Cyber Monday combined. Black Friday in the US saw online sales hit a record of just over US$3 billion US and sales between Thanksgiving until Cyber Monday accounted for only $12.8 billion in 2016.

Singles’ Day had been under the radar for most of the world, but in 2016, Chinese shoppers spent an incredible US$17.8 billion in 24 hours on the Alibaba online platform. In 2017, It was reported by Alibaba that sales from Singles’ Day amounted to $25.3 billion, a 40 percent jump from last year’s figures. The growth is fuelled by its growing international popularity. Similar to the US version of the shopping holidays, Alibaba offered discounts on a variety of goods, from household items to electronic gadgets to clothing to beauty supplies.

Over the years, the holiday’s cultural meaning has evolved for some into an opportunity to say goodbye to the single life. Many youngsters celebrate Singles’ Day by going on blind dates or attempt to woo a partner by buying the perfect gift. There are ironically more weddings held on 11/11 than other days of the year.

Some of the deals were also matched by offline Brick & Mortar stores and in the near future, sales are expected to be more personalized as brands used big data to hone their targets. All in all, Singles’ Day now become a day when everyone, regardless of their relationship status, buys gifts for themselves.

The Busiest Shopping Day of the Year

When you sit down tomorrow to turkey dinner, make sure to enjoy the relative peace and quiet because you know what comes after that, don’t you? The Friday after Thanksgiving, otherwise known as Black Friday.

Known for sometime now as the “busiest shopping day of the year”, this day after Thanksgiving is seen by many as the official start of the holiday shopping season. A popular day off for employees, the Friday after Thanksgiving has more than the usual amount of people out hunting for bargains and looking for gifts but how did this day get the name of Black Friday?

It all started in the greater Philadelphia area in the 1960’s, when the term “Black Friday” was first used by the Philadelphia police force. They coined the term due to the heavy traffic they had to manage on this day and from the blackish fumes that were emitted from the increased amount of vehicles on the road. The term gained popularity along the East Coast where Black Friday eventually came to mean that this was the day when retailers would start to post profits, or “be in the black” (as opposed to “in the red” and operating at a loss). The term “Black Friday” continued to catch on and by the year 2000, it was a commonly used term that was recognized by most everyone.

It was even earlier, though, that the day after Thanksgiving became THE popular day for holiday shopping and the unofficial start of the Christmas season. This shopping tradition began after the first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in 1924. Maybe it was the word “Macy’s” splashed everywhere that made people think they should start shopping, or maybe it came about because this day has always been a popular choice of a day off for employees in order to create a four day weekend. Regardless, marking Black Friday as a day for shopping has, over time, only seen an increase in the numbers of shoppers.

Retailers have taken advantage of this by offering “doorbusters” and special promotional prices that are good only for Black Friday. Stores opening early have also increased over the years with some now opening so early it’s arguably just “really late at night” on Thanksgiving! Whether it’s the great deals, the day off, or enjoying the shopping, Black Friday has become its own unique holiday. Enjoy!

Is It Really The Best Shopping Day?

Black Friday!

It is the one day everybody waits for to find the best deal!

Are you one of those people who wait all year long for this one day and go stand outside in those long lines for hours on end waiting to burst through the door with eager and anticipation all on the name of a deal?

More power to you my friend and good luck! I have never really understood the logic behind that craziness but I have friends and family all over the place that cannot wait, they leave Thanksgiving dinner early to get some sleep, or to go get in line.

Now in their heads Black Friday is the day of all days that you can get the best deals and the best sales but in order for you to capitalize on it you have to get in line at an god awful hour and stand in it for hours on end. I mean it is pitch black when you get in line and still pitch black when you enter the store.

Black Friday Mania

How people can leave all that turkey, stuffing, pies, yams, greens and football in beyond me. I truly do not understand what people are thinking. Can someone please help me out? I think that this is the craziest thing on the planet that people do and they do it faithfully every single year all over the world. I mean this is a straight up epidemic that gets people in a uproar.

Do you ever see the stories or the videos on youtube about people actually fighting over toys for the kids, I mean they have knock out drag out fights! People get trampled, they have police on standby, now how crazy is that!

The best shopping day of the year if you let the shop-aholics tell you and you have to have a police escort so that people will not get hurt or possible even killed so that you can save a few bucks on items that you probably do not need anyway! I mean seriously, really?

I know I sound like the grinch that stole Black Friday, but you will never ever catch me out there in all that madness. My own daughter and her father was actually out there last year standing in line at Best Buy so that he could get her a TV for goodness sakes, his cheap ass, just did not want to pay the regular price so he had my baby out in the cold, (she was 14 at the time) but still my baby is shivering in the cold for a TV, hilarious, but she loved it!

Hey all I am saying is that this is really something people love to do and no matter what I think or how I feel about it, I actually do not begrudge anybody anything that makes them happy and makes their family happy for the sacrifice people make on this Black Friday to ensure they get all they want for Christmas!

But if you want to know what I do so that I can sit in the comfort of my home make lots of money and shop when I want so it really does not matter if anything is on sale or not, MY BLACK FRIDAY IS EVERYDAY yours can be too!